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Hello 2022! What have you got in store for me?

After much hemming-and-hawwing over the past six months, I have made a number of decisions about the directions that I want to take Esme's Vintage Closet in and the projects that I want to do over the next twelve months.

Channelling my inner Joan Crawford, I am staring down the barrel of 2022 wondering what this next year will bring, and daring it to cross me.

To that end, I have made the following decisions

  • to set up my own website: If you are sitting on your sofa, reading this, then that is my first mission accomplished! Huzzah! This website will serve partly as a blog so that people can see what I am up to (forthcoming projects, research, deep dives into current projects, snapshots of my Instagram etc) and a store so that pieces I have made can find lovely new homes

  • to set up my YouTube channel : This will be a video record of projects, research and "how-to" videos of sewing skills that I have acquired over the years

  • to enter the 2023 Foundations Revealed competition : ever since I started following a number of well known YouTubers, I have had a longing to enter this competition. When Foundations Revealed opened membership in the middle of last year, I knew that it was a case of "if not now, when?"

So, now that I have outlined my plans for the next twelve months, all that remains to be seen is how far I can get with them in twelve months!

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